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Presentation on Artificial Intelligence

Presentation on Artificial Intelligence

On Monday 13 January 2020, Stephen Lernout from the company NALANTIS came to our English conversation class in Diksmuide to give a presentation on Artificial Intelligence.

In the first part, he gave examples of the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence today. We learned more about making appointments with the computer, virtual warehouses for e-commerce, self-driving cars and automated trucks. Some of these implementations of Artificial Intelligence will influence human life because people will have to compete with these machines. Jobs in the trucking and logistics industry and the retail and fast food industry will be lost to machines. This job displacement by automation is one of the key points of the election campaign of Andrew Yang, one of the democratic presidential candidates in the USA. Therefore, he suggests " a universal basic income of $1,000 a month to every American adult.

In the second part, Stephen talked about his company NALANTIS. They develop software that is able to extract meaning from a text. In other words, it’s like they create a machine that is able to understand natural language.

In the third part, more information was given how this software could be used to solve problems. Febelfin, the Belgian banking Federation was shown as an example of how using AI, Candidates and Jobs can easily be matched within the Banking Industry. He also talked about the project Jobs for the future. Using the software, they are able to analyse which training young people should get now for jobs in the future. This will change education as a whole. 

Finally, the students were able to ask some questions. The evening was very interesting and informative. It was a revelation not only for the possibilities, but also the threats of Artificial Intelligence.

A big thank-you for Stephen for coming to our class !

Sabina Polet

English Conversation Class Diksmuide


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